Harpenden Gang Show programmes & photos digitisation project.

The complete programme archive has now been reorganised and lovingly filed properly in binders for their protection. The programmes from 1949 to 2010 have been scanned and PDF'd. You will appreciate that it is not a quick job scanning the many pages for each programme and making sure that the image is clear, straight, sized correctly etc. From 2011 onwards the programmes have been stored direct from our supplier as PDFs.
The list of programmes have been broken into 10 year blocks. Choose from the list below the block you want. Then choose the year to see the complete programme in a PDF.

Programme list
Years Show No.
1949-1959 1-10
1960-1969 11-20
1970-1979 21-30
1980-1989 31-40
1990-1999 41-50
2000-2009 51-60
2010-2019 61-70
2020-2029 71-80

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Harpenden Gang Show

Is all about the Young People of the Harpenden and Wheathampstead District Scouts putting on each year a fresh and lively show. And dont they enjoy themselves.