75th Harpenden & Wheathampstead Gang Show

Cast applications for Gang Show 75 are open now!


All the information you need if you are a member of the cast of crew of Harpenden & Wheathampstead Gang Show.

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Want to be a part of Gang Show 75? Applications for next years show are open until 5pm on Monday 6th May.

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Interested in the history of the Harpenden & Wheathampstead Gang Show and who we are? All the information is here.

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Cast applications open! Apply now to be a part of Gang Show 75

Cast applications open for Cubs, Scouts and Explorers of Harpenden and Wheathampstead District. Apply before 5pm on 6th May.

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It’s that good. See for yourself.

Join the 150 Cubs, Scouts and Explorers who make up the Gang Show Cast as they provide an evening of song, dance and comedy for your enjoyment.

The world's best. Bar none.

It's true! The Harpenden & Wheathampstead Gang Show is the longest running in the world. Every year since 1949 we are now on our 75th production with over 9,250 young people in the cast to date.