Here you will find information for the Cast applicants, Cast members and their parents.

Sometimes there seems to be 1001 things to remember or to do with the show. Firstly dont panic! All of the Cast & Crew members work incredibly hard to to put on the best Gang Show in the country, if not the world. You may be an old hand with a number of shows to your credit, a first timer or a parent of either of these. If there is something you need to know that you cannot find here or on the FAQs then...

  • email the Producer (for the show),
  • Box Office (tickets) or the
  • webmaster (website or general shop queries)
  • and we'll get you sorted.

    • Downloads for Cast members.This page tells you all about how to get your songs and sample music from our own download area. You need to be signed in to access this area and Ewan will supply this information to you.
    •  Rehearsal schedule .This is a copy of the one on the download area.
    •  Blogs! We have added a Blog area. Write about your experiences at the rehearsals and show.
    •  Video blog. We will be adding a Video Blog area. Use your Android/iPad/iPhone to do a Selfie video about the rehearsals and show.
      • All blogs and videos are subject to moderation by Producer and/or Webmaster before being published to the site
    •  FAQs. A section for general questions and a section aimed at the Cast and parents with all sorts of answers to things people ask about the show.


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